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EA VEHICLE RENTAL – Terms and Conditions of Use

1.Please ensure that you are happy with and fully understand all the information shown to you by our staff at vehicle check-out, a copy of the check-out information will be emailed to you or printed if you request.

2.Mileage – Rentals up to and including 27 days will be unlimited.
Rentals for 28 days and over are restricted to 2800 per 28 days unless specific mileage terms have been prearranged before the hire has commenced.If you exceed the mileage allowance, mileage is charged at £0.25+vat per mile for the first 1000 miles and then £1.00+vat per mile thereafter.

3.A copy of our charges and procedures for traffic and parking offences is attached and clearly shows the charges for representation. If we receive any parking, speeding or Congestion Charges we will charge you between £28 and £48 including VAT dependant on who supplied us with the vehicle, plus the fine if we pay it on your behalf.

4.Accidents: Please report all accidents to us whether your fault or 3rd party fault and take any details on the roadside including pictures and images. failure to do could result in additional charges from us and a risk of prosecution from the police.

5.Damage Deposit is £150.00 for vans and cars BUT the deposit for Prestige Cars and MPV’s is £250.00 and can only be paid by card. Please note that if you return a vehicle with damage your deposit will be kept until the cost of repair ascertained, if the repair is less that the deposit, you will be refunded the difference. We recommend you use a credit card if you have one as the deposit is only preauthorised not charged but if you use a debit it will be charged then refunded on return of the vehicle. It is essential that you understand our damage procedure; in the event of damage or accident to our vehicle and or any third-party, including any third-party personal injury, you will be liable up to the insurance excess amount specified on your rental and this is explained when you sign your rental agreement. Please be aware that if you have the vehicle long term over 28 days and damage is caused in various locations you will not be limited to purely the excess but responsible for all damage charges on the vehicle. A damage waiver can be taken to reduce excess and if you meet the criteria, you will be offered this please note we do not offer waivers on any rentals that have drivers under 25 or over 70 and any rental for non-UK residents. You are responsible to pay for the full cost of any damages and losses incurred due to negligence or falsely supplying information.

6.Theft – If the vehicle is stolen during the period of your rental, the insurance excess is £2,000.00 This is dependent on the circumstances of the theft and you will also be responsible for any other costs incurred i.e. recovery organised by the police and any storage fees incurred.

7.The windscreen carries a separate excess of £750.00 or the cost of replacement whichever is lowest, if you have the windscreen waiver, there is no excess.

8.Your nominated credit/debit card acts as security even if you are just the card holder for any charges, we would need to recover in pursuance of the hire agreement up to the amounts set in these terms and conditions. This also applies to any losses incurred, fuel shortages, wrong fuel, punctures, broken cracked or chipped windscreens and admin charges for representation. Please note your signature on the rental agreement confirms that you accept this.

9.Vehicle manufacturer and model cannot be guaranteed, we reserve the right to change any vehicle without prior notice.
10.0.Fuel: Before return of your rental, you must ensure that you replace the fuel as shown to you at check-out. You will be charged pump Price + 20% if returned short on fuel.
If you run out of fuel and need to call out breakdown you will be charged the full cost of the breakdown

11.Vehicles that use ADBLUE would not be checked with every hire unless the vehicle is telling us to do so, if the dashboard alerts you to top up with Add blue it will inform you of the miles before it runs out, you must do so before this reaches a maximum of 100 miles as the vehicle will stop and will not start until it is added. If you need to call out breakdown due to this, you will be charged for the full cost of the breakdown. Please note that if you have the vehicle on long term hire you are responsible for topping up the adblue at your own expense ie: as with fuel.

12.When hiring a Luton Tail Lift, please remember to check the tail lift is safely closed and turn off the isolation switch in the cab when you have finished using the tail lift. Do not drive the Luton with the isolation switch on.

13.Oil & Water: All vehicles will have had their oil and water levels checked prior to you check out, if you are hiring for more than 7 days please ensure that you check levels and tyres regularly or return the vehicle to us, so we can check these for you.


15.No vehicle can be taken abroad without our permission as you are required to have green card insurance, Euro-breakdown cover and other paperwork including a letter of authority from us. Failure to do so makes you liable for any damage, breakdown & recovery of our vehicle and any third-party prosecution.

16.You are reminded that you are responsible to pay for all losses incurred by us as a result of the insurance or waiver being void due to information incorrectly supplied to us that may affect your claim or result in cover being refused or withdrawn. You must tell us if you have had any fault or non-fault accidents in the last 3 years, or if you have a medical or physical condition that may affect your ability to obtain insurance. It is an offence under the Road Traffic Act to make any false statement or withhold any material information for the purpose of obtaining motor insurance.

17.Cancellation and Refund policy. If cancel 24 hours before your booking is due to start, you will be refunded the full amount. If within 24 of the start time you may before repsonsible for the full amount. An abortive delivery may apply which is £25.00 + VAT.

18.For long term hire vehicles, any damage will not be deducted from the insurance damage excess, it will be billed separately.

By taking the vehicle and signing the rental agreement, you are agreeing to all the above terms and conditions
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